The conditions of maintenance of the Absorbent Reusable Textiles are simple and easy to incorporate in the daily life, since they suppose one more piece of the underwear or of the home that is in use daily. The general conditions of the products are the following ones:

manteniment mantenimiento

1. Once it has been in use, moves retires and immediately it is left to soaking in cold water, where the retained flows will remain to the water. It is possible to use bicarbonate of sodium or vinegar to help to clean and to eliminate the smells. In case of more persistent substances (dregs, menstruation..) to add also soap to the soaking.

2. It is extracted of the soaking and it is possible to wash to hand or directly to the washer with the rest of clothes that is washed daily. It is necessary to bear in mind not use bleach nor wash together with pieces that contain rigid complements (zippers, buttons..) provided that the laminated one would meet damaged and would lose the impermeability. Also one recommends not to use conditioner and to reduce the quantity of soap since the absorbent one would lose his capacity of absorption.

3. Once wash, it is possible to dry to the air or with the tumble dryer to low temperature (according to the case).

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