What sound the FAQ do you ask frequent?

In this page you will be able to find a series of answers to questions that you can arise at the moment of beginning and to sail along the world Absorvalia.

Where the products Absorvalia are made?

All our products are created and made in our territory.

Which is the price of the sending?

he price of the sending different according to the article and it is the one that the rates of Post office mark. It appears when they have introduced the product in the cart.

How can I do the payment?

When, in the shop, the purchase is confirmed a number of account appears where it is necessary to to make the ingresso of the amount.

When will I be late in receiving the product?

It depends on if we have it in estoc or not. If it is in estoc, the necessary time will be the one that marks the company of Post office after the revenue in the account; if it there is not, which needs the processo of production, from one to four weeks.

If me the product is not OK, can I change it?

It is very important take well the measurements since, in the products of personal use, the regulation does not allow to change them. In the rest of the cases, the time to change it is 15 calendar days.

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