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The feminine pads of fabric CAT are comfortable, practical, economic and respectful with the environment.

They are comfortable because adapt perfectly to the body as if they were a piece of intimate clothes, practices because to hold on to the panty by means of buttons easy to remove(take) and put, economic because can clean easly in house and have a long useful life and, ecological, because at the end of this useful life they can retrain.

The feminine compress CAT consists of several caps of fabric:

Comfort cap: done of fabric of natural fiber (cotton) to avoid irritations and allergies, provided that it is the part that one finds in touch with the skin(leather).

Absorbent cap: composed of different caps according to the use and the need of needed absorption (cotton).

Impermeable cap and transpirable: realized with a fabric laminated (cotton with PUL) that prevents the exit of the flow towards the exterior but allows the perspiration of the skin.

Adjustable thanks to the buttons of closing to pressure.

Available in different heights and colors. In the photographies of the fabrics it is possible to see the name of each one (putting the cursor on the image); the smooth colors belong to plush fabrics and the prints are woven without hair. In the space of notes you can descrivir what colors deseais on having finished the purchase.

In pack3 and pack5 colors can be combined.

Smooth colors (plush cotton): orange, turquoise, green, gray, pink

Colors stamped (cotton without hair): green apples, orange apples, little houses, owls, garden


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Pack 1, Pack 3, Pack 5

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  1. Montse

    Jo fa dos anys que ja utilitzo les compreses i realment he guanyat en calitat de vida ja que em les d.un sol us tenia problemes de alergies i ara aixo ho ting solucionat a mes d.un estalbi economic molt grand

  2. Sonia Rodriguez

    Son molt cómodes i suaus. La experiencia ha sigut molt i molt positiva. Gràcies per les recomanacions amb les talles. Els colors son molt divertits.

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